Tweet counts and analysis for Wednesday, July 7th.

UPDATED Twitter Watch: Solid Growth For Both Openers

on July 07, 2010 by Alex Edghill


Wednesday Afternoon Update: Both Despicable Me and Predators have seen solid bumps today so far with the former increasing to 6.0% market share so far today (4,034 tweets and counting), and the latter rising to 4.2% market share (2,804 tweets so far). Predators has had the bigger rise of the two films today but still trails in total tweets by quite a margin on the overall number.

Wednesday Morning UpdateDespicable Me saw a very solid bump to 4,029 tweets and 4.6% market share on Tuesday, up from Monday's 1,534 tweets and 1.2% market share. By comparison, How To Train Your Dragon had 1,701 tweets on its Tuesday before release, Shrek Forever After had 1,939, while Marmaduke had 231. Again these numbers are eye-opening and a bit of a head-scratcher at the same time. In looking more closely at the data it was actually trending for a while on Twitter yesterday with always provides a bandwagon effect. A rebranded customer search page for Google was announced for the movie (, complete with 10 different themes. A Steve Carell interview and Jason Siegel appearance on Leno also generated a lot of buzz. Universal has been promoting the film online through clips, numerous trailers and its own Twitter account pretty strongly which has really helped its buzz grow. Also, add the fact in that part of the last trailer (It's so fluffy I'm gonna die!) is starting to catch on as an internet meme has also greatly helped its buzz. All of this hype will no doubt drive up its ratio, but the level of awareness amongst young audiences is clearly evident, just a matter of if it will be able to bring in the wee ones and their parents.

Predators increased to 1,866 tweets and 1.5% market share on Tuesday, up from 1,623 tweets and 1.3% on Monday. By comparison, A Nightmare On Elm Street (2010) had 2,977 tweets its Tuesday before release, Splice had 752 and The Wolfman had 1,346 and Daybreakers had 1,152. Not the greatest of jumps from Monday but nothing to be overly concerned with, however, the distance that Despicable Me is putting on it pretty much secures its slot as the #2 new opener this week. Very difficult to see it outgrossing Despicable given these numbers as their ratios will at the very least be on par.

Top 10 Upcoming Movies for Tuesday July 6th

Film Buzz Positive Buzz Negative Buzz
1 Inception 5057 1799 234
2 Despicable Me 4029 1519 255
3 Predators 1866 384 106
4 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I 1096 173 12
5 Charlie St. Cloud 1041 378 32
6 Scott Pilgrim vs. the World 936 203 15
7 Paranormal Activity 2 765 130 55
8 Eat Pray Love 480 277 4
9 The Sorcerer's Apprentice 464 127 16
10 Salt 389 96 18

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