GLOBAL: 'Thor: The Dark World' Opens in China & North America to Reach $327M

on November 08, 2013

thor2.jpgThor: The Dark World smashed through the global box office on the weekend of its North American release. The U.S. and Canada roll-out of the Thor sequel coincided with the Chinese release of the film, with both markets combining for over $100 million. Thor: Dark World brought in $81 million from North America and enjoyed a $19.6 million bow in China. The Chinese debut is higher than that of Marvel's The Avengers in the market and has already surpassed the lifetime gross of the original Thor in China.

The superhero film also passed the lifetime gross of the original after its $3.2 million debut in Thailand. The Thor sequel is set to pass the $268 million overseas lifetime gross of the original by next weekend, only three weeks into its release. The film grossed $94 million in its second weekend overseas to reach a $240.9 million total.

Thor: The Dark World played on 270 IMAX screens worldwide, where the sequel registered $5.6 million of its weekend take. China alone accounted for $3 million of the weekend's IMAX tally.

Top performers for Thor: The Dark World include Russia ($24.1M); the United Kingdom ($22.6M); Brazil ($15.9M); and Mexico ($15.7M)

Friday: Thor: The Dark World is ready for another big weekend. The superhero sequel starring Chris Hemsworth has already grossed over $150 million, a figure that could climb above the $200 million mark over the weekend as the film expands to China and continues to perform in the U.K., France, and Russia. Thor: The Dark World has grossed a total of $152.8 million overseas coming into its second weekend outside of North America.

Thursday shows for the Thor sequel brought in $7.1 million, an improvement over the original's $3.2 million tally in the same timeframe. Thor: The Dark World will look to continue its hot streak at the global box office before The Hunger Games: Catching Fire begins its global roll-out in late November.


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  • S. Cam said on November 09, 2013 02:42 AM

    Why "could climb above the $200 million mark"? Isn't it pretty obvious that it will? No matter how big the decline in holdover markets, it's opening in many others as well (including 3D-crazed China). $50M for the weekend is below any realistic expectations. "Could climb to the $250 million mark" puts things in perspective.

  • BettyRShanklin said on November 19, 2013 07:55 PM

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