September 10, 2015


Grand Rapids, MI - September 9, 2015 - Telescopic Seating Systems, LLC (TSS) announces the patent pending Smart Power system for movie theater recliner chairs. The latest trend in movie theater seating is motorized recliner style seating. Up until TSS' Smart Power, installers of electric recliners all over the world have faced the challenged of safely controlling costs powering recliner chairs. Smart Power can provide electricity to a row of chairs (up to 32) with a single junction box, saving thousands in electrical installation and meeting safety codes.

"The National Electric Code (USA), and Canadian Electric Code have specific provisions to ensure safe movie theaters," says Fred Jacobs of Telescopic Systems Seating. "Previously, the code compliant installation solution powered two recliners chairs from one outlet. Some facilities mistakenly attempted to power recliners with power strips. Power strips for movie theater recliners are illegal in the US and their use may void a movie theater's insurance coverage," explains Jacobs. "Smart Power with UL listed components, from TSS solves these problems. TSS Smart Power works hand in hand with our Clean Sweep System (Patents Pending) to substantially reduce installation and operational expenses," says Jacobs.

Jacobs adds "Folks are accurately saying Smart Power and Clean Sweep are truly game changers. I can't wait to see their reaction to TSS's Smart Power Plus and Clean Sweep Plus systems that will be released before CinemaCon."

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